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Student-Family Handbook 2018-19
Student-Family Handbook 2018-19

Student -Family  Handbook 2018-19

This Handbook has been developed to enhance the home-school communication that is necessary for student success.  This handbook should answer many of the questions that you may have about the programs, services and routines at Savant Lake Public School.  Please feel free to contact the school at (807)584-2242 or (807)584-2296 if you have and questions. Our fax number is (807)584-2272.


Visitors are always welcome in the school.  For safety and security reasons, we ask that all visitors report to the office. 

Facilities & Programs

 Our facility provides students with a comfortable learning environment, and access to a variety of technologies.  We offer a number of programs to assist our students in the development of their academic and social skills, with a focus on literacy and character education.

School Notices & Newsletters

A calendar will be sent home on a monthly basis. It will contain information regarding classroom curriculum and important activities and events at the school.

Safe Arrival Program 

We have a Safe Arrival Program.  For safety reasons, when a child is absent without notification, the parent/guardian will be contacted.  If your child will be late, or absent, please call the teacher/school at 584-2242 and leave a message before 8:30 am(Kindergarten to Grade 8 extension # is 2)



***Consistent daily attendance is critical to your child’s success! ***

Notes are requested for the following:

If your child is to be late or absent

            If your child must leave early for an appointment

            Permission for your child to leave the school grounds

            Permission for your child to be picked up by someone other than parent/guardian

 Notes should have the date, time of absence, reason for absence, and parent’s signature.  Extended absences must be approved through the office.  If you need to make alternate arrangements for your child after school, please let us know as early in the day as possible.


Helping Your Child Succeed at Savant Lake Public School

You are the first and most important teacher your child will have throughout the learning years.


The examples you set will help determine your child’s attitude toward learning.

When your child begins school, your role as a parent/guardian becomes even more important.  Your child will need your encouragement and will be more motivated if you take an interest in his/her school work.  Regular communication with the teacher is helpful because you can provide valuable insights and support for your child’s development.  You may want to help your child at home with basic skills required in the classroom.  There are a number of practical ways for you do this including:

  • Reading aloud to your child or listening to your child read a variety of books and talking about them.

  • Helping your child with homework, reviewing math with brief & fun math drills and games, revising a first draft in writing.

  • Finding practical ways of applying academic skills at home (i.e., reading recipes, writing a short note, etc.

  • Helping your child develop social skills through cooperative play, membership in groups or clubs and assistance to learn how to solve problems.

 As apparent/guardian, you should regularly discuss what is being done at school and ask questions to get a full understanding of your child’s strengths and weaknesses.  Children flourish under care, guidance and ongoing support from parents/guardians and teachers.

Balanced Day


Savant Lake Public School runs on a “Balanced Day” schedule as follows:

  8:30 am               : Supervision begins

  8:45 am             : Start of Day

  8:50 - 10:30 a.m.: Learning Block One

10:30 – 10:45 a.m.: Nutrition Break

10:45  - 11:00 a.m.: Recess

11:00 - 12:40 p.m.: Learning Block Two

12:40 -   1:20 p.m.: Lunch

  1:20 -   2:10 p.m.: Learning Block Three

  2:10 – 3:00 p.m. : Learning Block Four

  3:00 pm               Dismissal

Student Dress & Belongings 

Children should be encouraged to dress to suit the weather.  Recess is outdoors and children should be dressed appropriately. Children must remove their outdoor footwear when they enter the building and must have a pair of indoor shoes with non-marking soles.  We urge guardians to write their children’s name or initials on all their belongings. 


School Supply List 

Each student is required to have:

  • Indoor non-marking running shoes

  • Backpack

  • Lunch Bag (for students that stay for lunch)

 Nutrition Break/Lunch Break

 Savant Lake Public School does not have a lunch room facility.  Students eat in a designated classroom at nutrition break and lunch hour.  Students may go home or stay for lunch.  Students are supervisor by a lunch room supervisor.

 Classroom Visits

 We welcome all families at our school, and ask that you report to the office so that the teacher can be contacted of your intention to visit your child’s classroom.



Students may ride their bicycles to school, but must walk them once on school property.   Students who ride their bikes on school property will lose the privilege of bringing them to school.  Skateboards, in-line skates, roller shoes and scooters are not allowed on school property during the school day.


 Emergency Procedures at Savant Lake Public School

 On occasion, it may be necessary to evacuate the school because of local emergencies (chemical spills, forest fire, etc.)  If sufficient time is available, families will be called and students will be dismissed to go home.

Evacuation Procedure

Where immediate action is necessary, the students will be led by their teacher to Four Winds Motor Hotel.  In this case, families are advised not to try to reach the school, as the school will be attempting to evacuate all students in a safe and orderly manner.

Temporary (Emergency) Closure of School

Occasionally, it may be necessary to close the school prior to normal dismissal times because of snow storms, fires, etc.  The success of the school’s evacuation plan requires your co-operation.  Please make alternative plans for sheltering your children in anticipation of such early and unexpected dismissals and make your children aware of your arrangements.  Families will be contacted by phone.

Fire Drills and Lock Down Procedures

Staff and students at our school will participate in fire drills in the fall and spring.  Lock down procedures will be reviewed and practiced with students at least three times during the school year.

 Student Conduct

We strive to provide a safe and caring learning environment for everyone.  A Code of Conduct has been developed and put in place.  We encourage families to review the Code of Conduct with their child(ren).  Teachers will also review the Code of Conduct with their students and provideguidance within their own classroom.  Code of Conduct:

Ontario Student Record (OSR) 

The OSR is a confidential record of a student’s education progress through schools in Ontario.  Copies of report cards, test results and medical information are the main items in these portfolios.  Each student’s OSR is filled securely in the office.  If a student transfers to another school in Ontario, this folder and its contents are transferred to the new school on request.

Families of students under 18 years of age have the right to examine the OSR and to receive a copy of its contents. 

Report Cards 

Each child is unique with different qualities, talents, and needs.  Recognizing this, teachers use a variety of assessment tasks to determine the academic skill level of students.  Some of these tasks include:

            * projects, assignment and daily work             * co-operative work groups

            * teacher/student conferences                          * observations, demonstrations

            * presentations                                                 * reading level assessments

            * formal and informal testing

The comments on the report card provide a summary of the information gathered from all assessments. 

 When a student receives an ‘R’ (remedial) in a particular curriculum area, they may be placed on an ‘Individual Education Plan’.  The teacher, in consultation with the student, families, and the support staff, will determine the program modifications and/or accommodations that will enable the student to achieve the outcomes and experience success.

 Report cards are sent home at the end of each term.  Teacher-family interviews are held following the completion of the first term reports. Student-led conferences will be scheduled following second term report cards.  Families are encouraged to schedule an interview time with the teacher whenever they have a concern about their child’s progress.

    Progress Report                                  Report Card 1                      Report Card 2

November 14, 2018                             February 20, 2019                 June 22, 2019            

 Our students continue to demonstrate a significant improvement in their literacy and numeracy skill levels. In planning and implementing our school programs, our school will continue to “raise the bar and close the gap” with regard to student achievement.  We have high expectations of ourselves and our students, while ensuring that we provide quality programming for all of our children.  We want to ensure that our learning program if both challenging and interesting to students, while preparing them for a lifetime of learning.

 Homework & Assignments

 All students, particularly those in the intermediate division will be expected to complete homework on a regular basis.  Homework can include projects, unfinished work, extra practice of critical lessons and participation in our home reading program.


 Valuables such as electronic games, digital cameras, and collectible items (such as trading cards) are   

Not to be brought to school.  In the interest of student learning and safety, students are not permitted to use personal listening devices (CD/MP3 players, iPods, etc.) in the school building.  The school is not responsible for any loss of valuables brought to school.


Each student is responsible for any book they have signed out.   Guardians will be asked to provide the replacement costs for any books that are lost or damaged.

School Council 



The School Council is comprised of Parents, Teachers, Non-teaching staff, Community members and the Principal.  The Council’s role is to provide a forum in which to promote school enrichment, successful learning, and increase family participation in the education of their children.  Meetings are held on a regular basis.  Everyone if encouraged to attend. 



The participation of volunteers to support our school programs and activities is extremely important to the success of our students.  We welcome volunteers to assist with student reading activities, hot lunches, extracurricular activities, sports, fundraising activities, school council, classroom activities, etc.

 If you are able to volunteer, we would greatly appreciate your time. Please contact the office or your child’s teacher if you can volunteer to make our school a better place to learn.

 For special class projects or field trips, forms requesting assistance will be sent home.


 We raise money each year to support school programs and activities.  School programs and activities supported through fund-raising include: field trips, sports equipment, library books, snack program and special events for all classes.

 Fundraising activities include Teas and Bake Sales, Chocolate Sales, Dinners, etc.  Your participation is greatly appreciated.